HQ since 2012.



Intertec Europa S.L. desde 2008.



Intertec México II since 2012.


Intertec Solar







Intertec Solar is a group of leading companies in the renewable energy and environmental sector.


Intertec Mexico is one of the first companies to develope large scale photovoltaic projects in the country.


We have strategic alliances with leading international companies, allowing us to carry out projects from the conception, development, financing, construction, operation and generation of clean energy.










INTERTEC EUROPA S.L. is established in Valencia (Spain) as a consulting firm specialized in renewable energy projects.



Intertec Solar GMBH (Germany) acquires 30% of Saferay Mexico GMBH.



Intertec Solar acquires 100% of the operation in Mexico and trademark license Saferay for Mexico.








Intertec Solar and Grupo Transforma Ambiental sign a colaboration agreement.



Intertec  Mexico S. de RL II de CV. (Mexico) and Scatec Solar ASA constitute a Joint Venture Company “Scatec Solar Intertec Mexico SAPI de CV”, for the development of solar projects up to 100 MWp.



Intertec Solar develops its own PV projects and ventures into the roof top sector in Mexico.







* Long term sustainability​.

* Profitability in a win-win situation​.

* Respect for our counterparts and the environment​.

* Product quality and service​.

* Individual, institutional and social growth.








To be a leading clean energy generation company,  supporting the sustainable development of our planet.








Intertec Solar, seeks to be a reference for obtaining greater common good, with the lowest overall cost.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)






We are commited to support the development of our employees and society through the development and operation of sustainable projects, offering attractive returns to shareholders and partners, with the greatest benefit to the customer and the environment.








* Be a preferred company to its shareholders, employees and customers.

* Remain a leader in the development of sustainable projects.

* Sell ​​clean energy to socially responsible companies and governments.

* Make commercial and residential solar photovoltaic energy affordable.








Being a German company, used to the fulfillment of their offers in time and quality. Intertec Solar has the international experience of successes and failures of markets such as Germany and Spain.


Having a local office in Mexico City, and presence in different parts of the country.


Offering technical support that ensures quality, from the development, thru materials and operation, for large or small projects.


Proposing collaboration schemes with a clear win-win approach, leveraging the strengths of each partner, to achieve the highest common wealth and lowest overall cost.








Teodoro Krap.


Intertec Solar GmbH (Germany).


20 years experience in the investment sector and project development.


* 20 years of experience in foreign investment in Mexico.

* Former mexican diplomat.

* Shareholder in companies involved in renewable energies & environment  in Germany, Spain and Mexico.


Educación: Industrial engineer and MBA industrial business administration (both Mexico).








Teodoro Krap Pastrana.


Intertec Mexico II (Mexico).


25 years experience in the environmental sector.


* 25 year CEO Sistemas hidráulicos y ambientales, S.A. de C.V., once the fourth largest consulting firm in Mexico.

* 35 years in international tenders for mexican authorities.

* Expertise in complying.


Educación: Civil engineer (Mexico).









Pablo de la Cuadra.

Head of engineering.

Intertec Europa S.L.  (Spain).


20 years experience in the energy sector.


* Former manager 3S, leading company in PV generation and energy eficiency in Spain.

* Former manager termotec energía, cogeneration plant.

* Advisor to energy consortia and asociations.


Educación: Telecom engineer and MBA (Spain).